Authentic Afghan Cooking

Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients

If you are unfamiliar with Afghan cuisine, you may find it somewhat similar to Indian. Afghans tend to like their food well spiced, but at Khorasan Kabob House, most dishes can be adjusted for any taste; just tell your server how spicy you like it!

Many entrees are served with Basmati rice, which will give you a whole new appreciation for the taste and texture of rice. The extra-long grains are never sticky, and can make a satisfying meal all by themselves, or serve as a delicious base for meats, vegetables, or a variety of sauces.

Some diners may prefer to enjoy their meals with the Afghan flat bread called Roti.

Khorasan Kabob House meats are all HALAL unless otherwise designated, and prepared in accordance with Isalmic dietary laws. We also take special care to store and prepare beef separately from other meats for the benefit of our Hindu customers.